Pet Trusts

Most owners consider their pets to be family members.  Sometimes, pets will outlive their owner for an extended period of time.  You can provide for your pets in case of your own disability, death or emergency situation.  There are specific estate planning methods you can use in order to meet your pet’s needs depending on your goals and resources.   Working together, we can plan for the best method to ensure that your pet will continue to have a quality life. 

For emergency planning, we can assist you with creating an alert card and selecting an emergency pet caregiver.

When planning for the possible event of your incapacity, we can assist you by including provisions in your Power of Attorney or Revocable Trust. 

Even though it may seem easy to include a bequest for your pet within your Last Will or Revocable Trust, it may not be the best approach.  Why? Because animals do not have the same rights as humans and are qualified as tangible property.  A Pet Trust is certainly the best protection you can provide but there are alternatives.

Finally, you may want to provide instructions for your pet’s end of life decisions by establishing a Living Will.

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