Estate Planning

“How a Dynasty Trust Delayed a Legacy for 92 Years”

“New Protections for People with Bipolar Disorder & Addicts”
– New protections in the State of Virginia for people living with bipolar disorder and addictions – The Medical Power of Ulysses.

“Wills & Trusts: Estates for Foreign U.S. Residents”

“Advance Medical Direct” (National Business Institute)

“HIPAA Release” (National Business Institute)
– The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

“Nomination of Guardian” (National Business Institute)
– Guardians for Your Children in a Will.

“Powers of Attorney” (National Business Institute)
Provisions for You and Your Trust

“Annual Gifts” (National Business Institute)
Annual Gifts, Gifts to Minors and 529 Plans.

“Oral Trust” (Lorman Institute)

“What is GST?” (National Business Institute)
(Generation Skipping Tax)

“Spousal Rights” (National Business Institute)
Spousal Rights in Case of an Insolvent Estate