Estate Planning for your College Students

Many of you will have the pleasure of visits from your college age children during the summer and holiday seasons. Do you realize that since they have turned 18, you do not have access to their medical information unless official documents have been signed?

We hope it will never happen, but if your young adult child is really sick or in the hospital because of an accident, you, even as a parent, are not authorized to talk to the doctors or nurses about your child’s medical condition.Even worse, you may not be contacted at all unless the hospital finds a wallet emergency card asking that they contact you.

Often, the doctors or nurses will give you general information. But if there is medical malpractice or when important decisions need to be made and your child does not have the energy or just cannot communicate his or her wishes, you may not get any information.

The solution is to have your young adult executing an Advance Medical Directive and a HIPAA Release.

This summer or any holiday season, when they are home from school, have that conversation with your young adults.Then follow-up to insure they have the right legal documents, which our firm can supply.

This is such an important issue that we are offering a College Student Protection Plan of the appropriate Advance Directive documentsat a reduced rate.

No one wants to think about their loved ones becoming incapacitated.However, with the opportunity of their homecoming, encourage your young adult to complete their Advance Directives. This couldbe the best present a parent can give.When they are back at school on their own, you will both have peace of mind.

Miorini Law, PLLC offers an estate plan package tailored to college students which simply includes the Advance Medical Directive, HIPAA Authorization and Power of Attorney because usually young adults do not need to execute a Last Will and Testament.

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