District of Columbia

What are the Probate procedures available?

The District of Columbia has several probate procedures.  The unsupervised abbreviated probate procedure is recommended because of its simplicity and flexibility.  The personal representative or executor of the estate can be appointed by mail although assistance with the completion of the paperwork is usually necessary.

The appointment will occur approximately two weeks after the filing of the application.  The Letters of Administration (proof of your appointment) will be mailed to you with a list of deadlines.

You will have to send notice of your appointment to the heirs-at-law and your appointment will be published in two local newspapers.  Within three months of your appointment, you shall file with the court proof of the mailing and publications.

The date of your appointment triggers the six-month deadline for creditors to file a claim against the estate and triggers other claims to which the beneficiaries may be entitled.

Do you need the assistance of an attorney?

  • Forms can be complicated. You may prefer having someone familiar with the documents to assist you.
  • Ensure that you know what you need to do because you can be held personally liable.
  • Ensure that you are able to communicate with difficult beneficiaries and be protected.

    e.g. obtain consents from beneficiaries for the release of liability when making distributions or when they are accepting the final account which terminates the personal representative liability.

What are the probate deadlines?

Deadlines for Abbreviated Unsupervised Probate in the District of Columbia

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