Advance Medical Directive

Medical Powers

A medical power, also called an Advance Medical Directive or health care power, is the most important document to address medical issues in case of incapacity.  It also provides instructions for end-of-life scenarios.

An Advance Medical Directive has two parts.  In the first part, you name an agent and provide instructions about the powers and responsibilities of the agent.  The second part is your Living Will.  Finally, instructions on organ donation or funeral arrangements can be incorporated, if you wish.

The Advance Medical Directive can be made effective immediately or can be triggered by your inability to participate in medical decisions.   (Your inability should be certified by two physicians).  Although the Advance Medical Directive does not lapse, it is recommended to execute a new one at least once every 10 years.

In the Living Will, you will give instructions regarding the use of life-sustaining procedures in case of a persistent vegetative state, terminal condition or imminent end-of-life condition.

In order to have an effective Advance Medical Directive, you should discuss your wishes with your agent regarding treatments, illnesses and end-of-life procedures.  We can provide a list of questions to facilitate this discussion.

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